War Of Jungle : Rule Of Animals


Experience the unique thrill of building a forest territory and befriending wild animals such as bears, gorillas, chimpanzee, rhinos, hippos, lion, elephants etc. to be your loyal Buddies. Raise your jungle army, join forces with friends and form invincible BANDS to conquer new territories. But do remember, good defense is must to rule the forest. Your wild BUDDIES with unique strengths are your strongest warriors as well as toughest defenders.

Battle It Out


Terrorists are striking every part of the world, your mission is to nip terrorism in the bud. You need to travel to diffrent parts of the world to strike at the fountainheads of the world's deadliest enemy groups.

Death Drive: Racing Thrill


Entire country is under threat as terrorists have implanted bombs throughout the country. Our network of spies has managed to get the deactivation codes of bombs but you need to get these codes from different cities, one by one, to save the fellow countrymen. It is not an easy ride as terrorists are girded with weapons to kill you at the first glance. Your strongest weapon is your CAR and you can equip your them with Machine Guns and Rocket Launchers to face your loaded opponents. Rush! Clock is ticking away!

Ace Transport


If driving is in your blood and defeating danger is your passion then let ACE TRANSPORTER takes you on a high octane, adrenaline pumping deadly mission. In order to reign the Transporter Mafia, you have to move valuable consignments worth millions of dollars, disguised as army parcels, out of the city to the mafia airport. It is not just any other race against time, you have to be adroit enough to deliver maximum parcels in minimum time.

Hungry Crew


Ahoy Captain!! Your crew is starving for days. Save your mates by catching as many fishes as you can. You have the most powerful harpoons in store to spear your fish. With gameplay that keep you soaked in, you would hate to stop fishing. So get caught in this quick and super addictive harpoon fishing as sea full of beautiful juicy fishes tempts you!

Racing Thrill

Racing Game

Racing Thrill is a multi-mode car racing game where a player gets to compete in a series of thrilling championships set across stunning backgrounds in every possible environment. With excellent physics, collision detection, highly intuitive and fair AI, only actual racing could be a distant second !!!! What are you waiting for……Race your way until the thrill of speed overcomes the sigh of defeat!

Double Trap


In this highly addictive shooting game, shooter hits a clay disk flung away at high speed. DOUBLE TRAP challenges the shooter to hit maximum specified targets. With 10 picturesque backgrounds shooting could not be more fun. You would enjoy every bit of your journey right from being a Rookie to the much coveted Expert of clay disk shooting. Go and discover the shooter in you with Double Trap!